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FREE SHIPPING WB-67 White Balance Cap 67mm
NAME:FREE SHIPPING WB-67 White Balance Cap 67mm
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JJC WB Series White Balance Lens Cap


Sturdy WB lens cap for custom white balance

This lens cap fulfills two functions. On the one hand it allows you to set a quick and uncomplicated custom white balance on your camera wherever and whenever you like. Especially in difficult lighting conditions the custom white balance is much more reliable than the automatic white balance and the camera can be matched exactly to the color temperature of the ambient light, so that will you will achieve a natural color reproduction without distorting color casts. This saves much time in post production. In its second use the cap serves as a protective cap and protects the front lens against dirt, moisture and impact.


Technical details:

Material: plastics



1. Mount the cap on the lens.
2. Switch your lens to manual focusing (MF)
3. Set a custom white balance as described in the manual of your camera.
4. Remove the cap.
5. Now you can take pictures with natural colors.
6. Repeat the procedure whenever the lighting conditions change.