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NS-J3 Fast Camera Strap
BRAND:Canon camera
NAME:NS-J3 Fast Camera Strap
$30.00 QTY:

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The NS-J3 Fast Strap, the best Strap to date:

  • designed and shaped to fit perfectly around your shoulder
  • two stoppers at the strap to fix the camera during transport
  • compatible with separately available accessory
  • secure and quick fastener

Other features:

  • extremely light, resistant material
  • quick fastener for the tripod mount
  • strap length adjustable
  • carrying capacity up to 5kg


Quick access to your camera 
The camera is connected with the Strap via its tripod socket. It rests at your side or back. Just grab your camera and it glides smoothly to the front.


Stoppers for secure transport
Once connected, the camera hangs upside down, resting securely at your side or in the small of your back, with the lens pointing behind you. The two stoppers hold the camera in place while you are moving. With the camera at your hip or behind your back, you can manoeuvre easily through a crowd, carry a tripod or other gear, or simply have both hands free.