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JJC LED-48C Compact Video Light for EVIL Cameras 96lm
NAME:JJC LED-48C Compact Video Light for EVIL Cameras 96lm
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JJC LED-48C LED Video Light for EVIL Camera 96lm


Dimmable compact video light - e.g. for EVIL camera

This compact video light for mounting on the camera's hot shoe works perfect as a steady light for photo and video shooting with small DSLR and EVIL cameras. Despite it's small size, the video light provides a very bright illumination which is even dimmable.


Incl. mount adapter for horizontal and vertical mounting

The video light comes with an adapter which allows you to mount it vertically or horizontally on the camera's flash mount. The two lock rings of the adapter provide for a secure connection of video light, adapter and flash mount.


Assemblable to multi-array video light

Since the video light has connecting sockets on each side and the mounting on the camera only needs one socket, three of the sockets remain free and can be used to connect other LED-48C lights for the assembly of a multi-array light.

Additional features:

- lightweight & compact
- heat-free LED technology
- flicker-free light output
- for 4 AA batteries or 5V mains adapter (not included)

Technical details:

Colour temperatur: 5600K
Brightness: approx. 96lm
Illumination: 560Lux (60cm), 280Lux (120cm), 70Lux (180cm)
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80
LEDs: 48
Dimension (HxWxD): approx. 7,2 x 9,8 x 3,6cm (excl. adapter)
Weight: approx. 115g
Power supply: 4 AA batteries, 5V mains adapter 
Battery life time: 1,5h (alkaline), 7-8h (rechargeable)
LED life time: approx. 50.000h
Power draw: 5W
Voltage range: 3.0-5.0V
Accessory shoe: standard

Scope of delivery:

Video light, flash mount adapter, adapter for Sony/Minolta flash mount