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RE-R30G Macro Reflector (collapsible) 30 cm
NAME:RE-R30G Macro Reflector (collapsible) 30 cm
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Macro RE-R30G  Collapsible Reflector

- diameter 31cm 
- goes around the lens 
- for close-up shots with flash unit 
- even and shadow-free illumination from every side 
- silver side for high-contrast pictures 
- white side for an even, neutral illumination 
- easily foldable 
- robust frame 
- incl. bag 


Better illumination for close-ups with flash 
This macro reflector offers a precisely distribution of light and a better illumination of the subject when the source of light is behind or to the side of the subject.

The reflector illuminates the subject from all sides evenly and shadow-freely as it forms a complete circle around the lens. The reflector has a similar effect as a ring flash but isn't as expensive.


Two sides for different effects 
The reflector has a silver and a white side. The white side offers an even and neutral illumination. The silver side deepens the contrast with hard light.


Easy handling 
The frame is very robust and snaps open automatically. The reflector can be folded up in just a few steps and stowed away in the included bag.


Technical Details: 
Diameter (opened): approx. 31cm 
Diameter (folded): approx. 12cm 
Diameter (lens opening): approx. 7cm 
Weight: approx. 50g