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  • LMA-FJ_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter X-Fujinon Lens to M4/3 camera
  • LMA-PK(A)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Pentax K lens to M4/3 mount camera with Apenture Control Ring
  • LMA-SM(A)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter w aperture control ring Sony/Minolta AF - Micro Four Thirds Camera
  • LMA-PEN_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Olympus PEN Lens to Micro FourThirds Camera
  • LMA-EOS_M4/3 Lens Mount Adpater Canon EF Lens to Micro 4/3 camera
  • Camera C - M4/3 Lens Mount Adpater C-Mount Thread Lens to M4/3 Camera
  • LMA-L(M)_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Leica M Lens to M4/3 camera
  • LMA-M39_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter M39 Lens -Micro Four Thirds M4/3 Camera
  • LMA-Contax G_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter (360 degree focusing ring) Contax G lens - Micro 4/3 camera
  • LMA-L(R)_M4/3 Lens Mount Apdater Leica R Lens to M4/3 Camera adapter
  • LMA-MD_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Minolta SR (MD/MC) - Micro 4/3 Camera
  • LMA-FD_M4/3 Lens Mount adapter Canon FD Lens to M4/3 Camera
  • LMA-C/Y_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Contax/Yashica C/Y Lens - Micro 4/3 camera
  • LMA-M42_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter M42 thread lens to M4/3 camera
  • LMA-NK_M4/3 Lens Mount Adpater NIKON F Mount lens to M4/3 camera
  • LMA-PK_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter PENTAX K-mount lens to M4/3 camera
  • PTX110-M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Pentax 110 Lens - Micro 4/3 Camera
  • LMA-OM_M4/3 Lens Mount Adapter Olympus OM - Micro Four Thirds